Blood Soaked and Gone

Blood Soaked Book 3

Author(s): James Crawford

Zombies aren’t an evolutionary dead end–they’re just the beginning of an alien life cycle. Their overlords, the Progeny, are out to take our world, and we’re the only ones capable of stopping them. 

The world I grew up in, my family, my dear friends, and my unborn child–all gone. Lost to traitors, zombies, and their alien masters. They’re getting more powerful, creative, and aggressive. We know they’re coming for us.

War can take everything from you, including your hope, and your humanity. 


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"Great book."--Books or Death

I am not going to complain to you about my life.

We’ve got zombies. They are not the brainless, rotting creatures we’d been led to expect. Unfortunately for us, they’re just as smart as they were before they died, very fast, much stronger than you or me, and possess no internal editor at all.

Claws. Did I mention claws?

I kill them for a living, but it’s as much a vocation as a freelance career choice. It helps me, helps my neighborhood, and the people I consider to...

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Zombies were bad enough, but now we're being invaded from all sides. Up to our necks in blood, body parts, and unanswerable questions...

...As soon as the realization hit me, I lost my cool. I curled into the fetal position in a pile of blood, offal, and body parts, and froze there. What in the Hell was I becoming that killing was entertaining and satisfying? 

I don’t know how long I was on my side in the remains of my opponents, but the mess was coagulating and getting cold... to say...