Wings of the Fallen (The Shepherd Book 2)


Two years ago Alex St. John accepted a mystic weapon and became the Shepherd, guardian of our reality and sworn enemy of all the things that go bump in the night. Now Alex, his comrade Loren Hodges, their loyal dog Beowulf and Oregon rancher Frank Magruder have been drawn into an age-old conflict between the worshippers of a world-conquering god and The Fallen — a motorcycle gang made up of millennia-old demons in human form.

Alex again faces a mystery with a solution that could save the world—or destroy it. And the questions just won’t stop coming. Who is billionaire philanthropist Roger Dandridge and what is he hiding? What is his connection to the brilliant and exotic Annabelle Lee Moore, and why is she being hunted by a brutal band of street thugs and their otherworldly allies?

The answers lie on another world, where demonic warriors ride beasts of metal and a creature called Mimma-Lemnu (All That Is Evil) holds sway. As the barriers between worlds weaken and demon legions gather, the Shepherd and his friends once more face a desperate battle with the very survival of reality at stake.