The Siege of Seven City (Z7 Book 3)


Seven City is reeling. Following the disastrous events of THE CONTAMINATION OF SANDRA WOLFE, Rae Neuman and the rest of the inhabitants of the town, a community of former zombies called Z7s who are hiding from a world that hates them, are at a loss. The outside world now knows they exist and that they have powers far beyond those of normal zombies. A mysterious government official is preparing a full out assault on them, and Seven City’s morale is at an all time low. Few believe that they can survive.

But there is one ray of hope. Sandra Wolfe, the young Z7 who accidentally set the entire country against them by unleashing a previously unknown strain of the zombie virus on a nearby town, has other amazing abilities no one else yet completely understands. In an effort to utilize her, Rae and the rest of the Seven City elders will have to turn to an old foe for help and guidance. As armed forces prepare to come for them all, Sandra may just be Seven City’s last best hope.

If, that is, they can survive that long.