The One Stop Apocalypse Shop: The Apocalypse Shift (Book 1)


When darkness falls, the creatures of the night rise to wreak havoc. But first, they need a snack.

Caleb is clerk at the OneStop Mart, a convenience store in the center a neighborhood that is home to all manner of vampires, werewolves, zombies and other monsters. His nightly duties include ringing up customers, stocking the cooler and stopping the apocalypse, which comes a couple times a week. To Caleb it’s just a job, and a tedious one at that. When his former coworker Gloria, who moonlights as a monster hunter, comes back to the store and asks him on a date, he’s looking forward to the night of his life.

There’s just one problem–the end of the world is coming, and it’s all Caleb’s fault. Now Caleb and Gloria, along with his coworker Phil and Phil’s zombie girlfriend Sue need to work together to stop the apocalypse that Caleb started.
They will face werewolf street gangs, punk cyborgs and biker mad scientists. If things go wrong, this won’t just be Caleb’s last date with Gloria. It will be the last date period.