The Contamination of Sandra Wolfe (Z7 Book 2)


Three years have passed since Edward Schuett woke up in an abandoned department to find that the Zombie Uprising has come and gone while he has been a zombie for fifty years. With the help of his gun-toting friend Rae and the scientist Dr. Bloss he has established Seven City, a colony for Z7s like himself that were once considered the walking dead but now look and act human. They live in secret, knowing the outside world will look on them with fear and panic if it discovers they exist.

Then they discover Sandra Wolfe. A rebellious teen, she is a Z7 but different. She is more feral and less in control of her Z7 powers. Her presence couldn’t have come at a worst possible time, as Dr. Bloss has just died, leaving no one else who understands what might be wrong with her. Even worse, someone from the outside has finally discovered their colony. The world is about to know who they are and what they are capable of doing.

Now various outside forces are looking in on them- a mysterious man working for a shadowy government agency, a group of diplomats trying to negotiate with Seven City, and a nearby town with a religious hatred for all zombies. Edward and Rae must get a handle on Sandra quickly or else she might accidentally turn the world against them all- and cause irreparable damage to everything Edward has worked for.