Star Runners: Star Runners Book 1


The war is real. And he’s about to be recruited.

One day, Austin is just a typical American teenager, struggling with school and the loss of his father. He’s also a living legend as “Rock,” one of the best players of the hugely popular Star Runners MMORPG in the entire world . . . but that’s just a game, right?

No. Suddenly he’s got a scholarship for an intense military school, and soon after that he and his friends – on-line and IRL – learn the truth: everything in Star Runners is real. And if he works hard and survives, he will become a real-life fighter pilot in deep space, a hero of the freedom-loving Legion and locked in desperate battle with space pirates and the star-consuming Zahl Empire.

He will have to survive a grueling education and training. He’ll have to face to his own doubts, the breaking and forging of new friendships, and ultimately meet the woman who will change his life forever . . .

. . . and then there’s the war. The space battles against pirates and the Zahl Empire that will decide the fate of civilizations throughout known space … and the future of Earth as well.

Well before he’s ready – and before anyone expected – Austin is thrust into the center of a very real war that spans the stars. Will he be able to save the people that matter to him most . . . or will his adventure in space end before it begins?