Scorpions: Star Runners Book 4


Austin Stone was once a normal teenager on modern-day Earth, playing the Star Runners video game and dreaming of the future. Now the future is all around him: He is a real-life fighter pilot in deep space, a hero of the freedom-loving Legion, and locked in desperate battle with the star-consuming Zahl Empire. He’s one of the best pilots alive, already a legend, but the price has been high. He’s witnessed the violent death in battle of far too many of his closest friends.

Legion leadership are putting together a secret elite squadron, and Austin and his companions are at the center of it. Their first assignment: find out why the best Star Runners are disappearing . . . and then reappearing as broken men or robotic traitors to the cause.

Old friends, new enemies, glorious and stunning discoveries await, as Austin and his compatriots face the Zahl Empire’s worst once again, in star-spanning life-or-death dogfights that wipe away friends and enemies alike. And when the Scorpions uncover the center of the Zahl’s unspeakable conspiracy against the Legion and all of known space, it nearly destroys Austin–and breaks his heart all over again.

Austin, Bear, Skylar and their fellow Scorpions will need all the skill, stealth, and courage they possess to stop the Zahl one more time, as the galaxy enters a whole new phase of a conflict that spans the stars!