Revelation Protocol: Star Runners Book 2


Austin Stone has returned to Earth. But before he can
begin to heal from his interstellar adventures, he has to save his home planet from the worst pirates in the galaxy.

Austin had always heard you can’t go home again. He’s about to find out how true that is.

Moments after his arrival, Austin barely survives an attack by shadowy forces that are targeting Star Runners and their loved ones on Earth. He rushes to rescue his mother in Georgia, reunites with a hero from his training, and finds himself in the middle of a whole new secret conflict.

Meanwhile, light years away, Josh Morris finds himself captured by the Tyral Pirates, but it’s not long before he proves himself to be more of a threat than a prisoner. Escape is inevitable. Painful, but inevitable.

The violence builds. The pirates attack on multiple fronts. And Austin finds himself back in the seat of a Trident fighter, defending his home and his family . . . with the U.S. Navy at his side.

Join Austin Stone, Josh Morris, and allies old and new as the struggle against the Zahl Empire comes to Earth. In space or on the streets of America, you’ll love this high-intensity combination of land-based action and war in deep space, all with a modern-day twist!