Old Clerks Don’t Die, They Slay Away (The One Stop Apocalypse Shop Book 2)


When the sun goes down on the Hill monsters roam freely, and life is good for the employees of the OneStop Mart that call it home. Caleb and Gloria are comfortable in their new relationship, and Phil is getting serious with his zombie girlfriend Sue. Obviously this kind of bliss can’t last long.

When the club where Gloria works is hostilely taken over by the demon businesswoman Mary McPhisto, the group is ready to do whatever it takes to get it back. Unbeknownst to them, however, there is another player involved–Snookie Winters, the old woman living right next door to Caleb. She knows far more about what Caleb and Gloria do than they realize–because Snookie did it first.

As the group and the old woman find themselves facing off against each other, the employees of the OneStop will need to learn the secret history of their neighborhood quickly if they want to stop McPhisto, whose plan goes far deeper than they realize. Literally.