A Shadow in the Deep (The Shepherd Book 3)


While fighting an invasion of the Pacific coast by creatures serving the entity called Tulxatash — the Shadow in the Deep —a sudden disaster leaves Alex St. John lost in time and space, stranded in a bleak future of drowned cities and a dying world.

Alex bands together with a handful of survivors in a desperate bid to undo the damage and turn back Tulxatash’s flood. Battling despair, madness and an army of murderous humanoid fish-creatures, they try to save what’s left of the world. But Alex and his new allies will have to seek help from two of his greatest enemies.

Meanwhile in their own time Alex’s companions — shotgun-toting geek Loren Hodges, goddess-powered sorceress Annabelle Lee Moore, knife-wielding avenger Mia Jordan and crusty bush pilot Wild Bill Wilson — flee the rising flood waters while searching for a way to rescue their lost companion. Only by reaching across the gulf of time while working together with former foes can Alex and his friends hope to defeat the Shadow in the Deep—and even then the price might be too high.