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Tankbread The Musical, Coming Summer, 2015!

FRANKLIN, TENNESSEE, April 1, 2014 - Permuted Press, publisher of fine undead and post-apocalyptic fiction, announced today that the epic Australian zombie novel Tankbread will be produced as a Broadway musical.

Permuted Press President, Michael L. Wilson, said, "In the age of big budget movies, we are delighted to see interest from Broadway in the zombie medium. This production is going to be fantastic."

Casting has been confirmed for the main roles, with Neil Patrick Harris on board in the role of The Courier. Harris will also produce the story that he has described as, "a moving tribute of one man's quest to save the world in a way that speaks at an emotional level to all of us. This is the perfect novel to transform into a multi-media stage event."

The music and lyrics are being developed by Benny Andersson, famous for his involvement with iconic pop group, ABBA and as the co-composer of the musical, Chess.

The role of Else is still being cast, and producers have not ruled out an open casting to find, "the right mix of naivety and unbridled blood lust."

The multi-million dollar production is scheduled to open in Summer, 2015.