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Permuted Press Author Rowena Whaling Discusses Her Novel VOICES OF THE STARS

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“Voices of the Stars” is a sweeping, heroic saga - presented in an Arthurian setting in a very historically accurate Post-Roman land of the Britons. It is a metaphysical, psychological, action/adventure, myth and magic, tragic romance, medieval warfare, fantasy, historical fiction novel.

It is the true, in-depth, eye-witness chronicle of the world of the King, Arthur, and his compatriots of his Alliance of the 5 distinct cultures living on “These Our Fair Isles”: the original Old Dark Tribes, the Celtic Clans, the Roman-styled Britons, the Picti and the original, ‘legal’ Saxons, whose land was obtained through barter with Vortigern.

It is also the real story of Arthur and Morgan’s tragic, Star-crossed love for one another, the devoted loyalty of their brother of the heart, Bedwyr, the strength of their mother, Igraine, Great Seer of the Old Dark Tribes, the treachery of their other sister Morganna le Faye, and the never before told true story of the only child of Arthur’s blood, Mordred.

Woven into the rich Dark Age tapestry of this magnificently complex, emotionally charged novel – the first in its series – are the Old Ways, The Old Gods, the Great Goddess and the Goddesses Nine, Magic, Seers, Enchantresses, Druids, Dragons, Ancient Rituals, medieval warfare, and the Leonardo DaVinci of his day - Gwyddion, the Merlin. It is filled with intrigue, passion, treachery, love, and with Epic Poetry throughout. It follows this evocative tale through five generations and is an intricately involved work with many legendary, historical and original characters.

These now revealed histories debunk the cliché flights of fancy that have attached themselves to Arthurian legend in the intervening centuries - both in Renaissance and modern tellings, going back to post Roman days of the Cymru, the pre-Welsh clans.

“Voices of the Stars” is the story of how Arthur’s sister, Morgan of the Woods, realizing the import of her time, bids all of her brother Arthur’s close allies, kith, and kin to write their “histories” – their autobiographies – as their lives unfold. All events – such as battles – are seen and written from the differing perspective of each contributor. We come to know the truth of “Voices’” characters - their joys, tragedies, hopes, dreams, ambitions, accomplishments, failures, desires, fears, loves, and hatreds are written into their stories. Tricks of the Fates abound throughout their lives as each comes to accept their shadow selves, weaknesses, flaws, hidden desires, strengths and goodness.

These histories are to be secreted away for the sake of posterity. Why? To put it into Morgan’s words:

“What lies within these vellum pages is an history... which I, Morgan, have compiled to preserve the truth of these matters - because, it is a fact that legends of the simple folk, as well as songs and poems of the Bards, gallop into fancy like Warhorses to the smell of blood. What begins as a simple pattern, weaves, entwines and spreads like the gossamer threads of Arachne –ultimately and forever changing the meaning of events as they truly were.”

Within its pages the Cosmic Mysteries are revealed and taught through an original and complete spiritual Mystery System of the Great AIXIA and the “Goddesses Nine” – replete with ancient Gods, Myths, Seasonal Rites, Moon Rituals, chants and secret initiations of The Order on The Isle of Apples.

Love, Rowena