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Nov 04

Permuted Press Acquires THE SPAWN from WGA Award Winning Screenwriter, Ken Nolan

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Aug 12

Permuted Press Announces Acquisition of the New Work from New York Times Best Selling Author, Jay Bonansinga

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Jan 13

2013 Closes With Over 50 New Acquisitions at Permuted Press in December.

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Nov 02

New Acquisitions for the Month of October at Permuted Press

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Oct 07

Permuted Press Acquires New Story Set in J.L. Bourne's Day By Day Armageddon Series

Permuted Press Announces New Acquisitions during the Month of November, 2013

November, 2013 may have been the most active month ever for new acquisitions by Permuted Press, as 43 new titles were acquired from 16 authors, both new and established.

In no particular order, look for these works from Permuted Press throughout 2014, 2015 and beyond.

Briar Lee Mitchell, Apparitions and Graymont: Skeptical reporter Martin Stewart travels with his fiancee to the supposedly haunted Mallard Hotel to cover the investigation being done by a group of professional paranormal investigators. During the investigation his fiancee disappears during a violent confrontation and Martin must overcome his fears, his skepticism and mistrust of the ghost hunters to get her back.

Briar Lee Mitchell, Dead Life: In 1945, a hurricane of immense proportions wreaked havoc on Andros Island in the Bahamas. Twenty years later, survivors become stranded there and encounter bizarre phenomenon which include high pitched screaming sounds and violent disturbances in the water. Most frightening though, are strange lights that appear to pursue them. Battling the freakish phenomenon along with the local, deadly wildlife and a fierce storm, the survivors struggle to survive the night and learn the origin of the strange lights - something more terrifying than the storm.

Tonia Brown, Sundowners: A Southern Gothic horror about the nature of family loyalty and the dangers of gossip, all wound about the creation and expression of art.

Tonia Brown, Love at Second Sight: April meets a young man, who is the only person besides herself that can see the ghost of her twin sister. A series of near misses, close calls and romance follows as the couple faces paranormal and emotional challenges.

Sean Liebling, The Reaper: No Mercy: Liebling's first book of The Reaper series describes its main character as, "judge, jury and executioner on the style of Don Pendleton's 'Executioner' series with a religious slant. This former USMC Recon sniper never misses, because he's on the Lord's mission.

Slade Grayson, Autumn Moon 1 and 2: Tanneheuk, Montana appears to be an idyllic small town. There's no crime, no poverty, and no racism. The town is overseen by a small group known as "the elders," a tribe of people who have watched over Tanneheuk for hundreds of years. The elders are shapeshifters - werewolves - and they protect the townspeople from the corrupting influence of outsiders. In return for their protection, they only require one thing: every year, on the first day of Autumn, they get to hunt a human.

Kirk Allmond and Laura Bretz, What Zombies Fear, Books 1 thru 6: This highly successful zombie series will see fresh edits and new packaging when re-released in January, 2014 from Permuted Press.

Kirk Allmond, Legion: Set in the same universe as What Zombies Fear, Legion follows a new set of characters from the beginning of the outbreak.

Kirk Allmond, Remnants: Again, set in the universe of What Zombies Fear, The E'Clei (the parasites that cause people to become zombies in the What Zombies Fear series) come to the planet again 1000 years in the future, but this time they're already controlling a race of aliens.

Michelle DePaepe, Eaters 2 and 3: Continuing her zombie horror series, Eaters, Michelle DePaepe will bring readers two new Eaters titles in 2014 and 2015.

Lyle Perez-Tinics, The Existing Dead 1 and 2: The first book in this series won the 2012 Dead Letter Award for best zombie novel. It, and it's sequel, are forthcoming from Permuted Press.

Lyle Perez-Tinics, Operation Execution: In a world where any American crime is punishable by death, one executioner is met with a dilemma, either continue with his day's execution list or save his estranged son from it.

Lyle Perez-Tinics, Rising from the Tempest: A small town wakes up to an enormous black cloud hovering over the city. Everyone assumes rain, but at exactly 9:00 AM lightning strikes everyone caught outside. The seven Bakker & Son's employees trapped inside their office watch in horror as the "dead" lightning victims stand to their feet.

Lyle Perez-Tinics, Cure Me: Every human in the world is dead. The vampire scientist that created the virus that devastated humanity (and his food supply) discovers time travel and decides to go back in time to stop himself from ever creating such a virus. But when he travels through time, he faces something no one expected.

Lyle Perez-Tinics, Double Vision: When our protagonist over imbibes, he sees double - literally. He sees people, but he also sees a ghostly evil version of the person he looks at. Conversations with the doppelgangers lead him to discover that everyone, everywhere, has an evil, dark side.

Jacqueline Druga, The Violet Letters: We read the journal of a 14 year old girl who tells the chaotic story of the last days before a meteor devastates Earth. We see the world through her eyes, and through the last letters she writes to her grandmother.

Scott M. Baker, Rotter World 2 and 3: Author Scott Baker brings us two all new installments in his Rotter World series.

Michael Jon Clary, The Guardian Interviews 1, 2 and 3: Fifteen minutes of video footage was leaked onto the internet only minutes after it was filmed. It showed a single man standing between a horde of zombies and a group of frightened survivors. Within those fifteen minutes of footage, the man known only as the General stepped out of legend and entered reality.

Russell Proctor, The Red King 1 and 2: London, 1901. Alice Liddell from ‘Alice in Wonderland’ (now aged 43) and Dorothy Gale from ‘The Wizard of Oz’ (aged 13) hunt down a supernatural serial killer who is taking over the world via a mesmerized army of zombie-like slaves.

Russell Proctor, Days of Iron 1 and 2: Humanity in all its forms has spread out into the galaxy. For Maddy Hawthorn, a human colonist, the peaceful life she had planned at Barnard’s Star is torn apart when she becomes involved in a terrorist plot to destroy the stranglehold of the ruling Elite over other "human" species.

Russell Proctor, (untitled): A race of time-travelers engage in a planet wide civil war.

Gerald Dean Rice, Vamp-Hire: The vampire invasion has come and gone - and we won... But at a price. A small percentage of the world wide human population is infected with a semi-vampiric virus. Many of them are in comas they will never awake from. Going 'full-vampire' is a virtual death sentence as these people explode upon contact with sunlight or die from rapid starvation. One such young man awakes and has to learn this new world. He can't hold a job because of general mistrust of his 'kind', he can't even vote because he isn't considered a citizen. The only legal way for him to earn money is to subject himself to government testing that only offers meager subsidies. After hearing about black market work for his kind, he goes in search of what lies before him.

Rowena Whaling, Voices of the Stars: An original heroic saga presented in an Arthurian setting. Voices is a historically accurate Post-Roman ‘Land of the Britons’, taken from ancient Welsh history and legend.

Tim Johnson, Carrier: Stellan Lund's job as chief security officer is to keep the peace aboard the Atlas, a carrier mining space vessel. Their community is peaceful, save for the occasional case of black madness, a mental breakdown condition that is thought to be caused by extended deep space travel. But one day, Adelynn Skinner, an agent of New Earth's global totalitarian government, boards and orders the crew to uncharted territory where a dark planet with unidentified material waits. It could be the key to ending New Earth's long-fought civil war, or it could end civilization as they know it.

Robert R. Best, The Memorial Series (Lakewood, Ashton and World): Permuted Press will re-release new versions of this well known series, which has been acclaimed as being "among the classics of the zombie genre."

Robert R. Best, The Independent (novella): A female sheriff investigates a "killer carnival" ... a carnival that has developed sentience and is not a big fan of the living.

Paul Hetzer: The Zombie Virus 1 and 2: Steven McQuinn, a virologist at a top secret army bio-research lab, races against time to identify a pathogen that is sickening the human race. Torn between his work and his family, he must make a decision to either abandon his research, or save his wife and son who are holed up in their home from an unspeakable horror that is being unleashed on the human race.

More exciting releases remain in the acquisition stage, so watch for our latest news here every month.