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Deborah D. Moore
Jul 27

An Interview with Deborah D. Moore

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Dave Lund
Jul 20

The First Modern Zombie Slayer

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Neil Cohen
Jul 19

The Father of Nightmares

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J. Rudolph
Jul 18

Godspeed, Mr. Romero

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C.L. Hernandez
Jul 17

That's Not REAL Magic!

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Author Interviews
Mar 17

An Interview with Deborah D. Moore

Permuted: Hey, Deborah! Thanks for chatting with us. How about we start at the beginning, and you can introduce yourself to our readers. 

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Guest Blogs
Mar 03

Lighting the Dark Cosmos of Lovecraft and Howard

These days, you can’t get away from HP Lovecraft or Robert E. Howard
even if you want to. In bookstores, comic shops and convention

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Guest Blogs
Jan 12

Realism in Zombie Fiction

Realism in Zombie Fiction… Is It Possible?
by Brian Parker

I’m not going to attempt to convince you that the proverbial zombie apocalypse can or...

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Author Interviews
Dec 03

A Double Interview with R. L. and M. R. Reeves

Permuted Press: First things first: introduce yourselves! What books have you written, etc.?

Rick Reeves: Well, my name is Rick Reeves and am a native of the...

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Guest Blogs
Nov 24

Giving Thanks . . . For Nightmares

Thanksgiving is a strange middle-child holiday, sadly lacking in both the horror-show cachet of big brother Halloween and the candy cane magic of little...

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Guest Blogs
Nov 12

by Mark Campbell

Blog Post by Mark Campbell

When it comes to zombie fiction, one thing that seems to elude people in the United States is...

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Book Trailers
Nov 05

Indian Hill Book Trailer

INDIAN HILL by Mark Tufo
A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step and for Michael Talbot that step is taken at Indian Hill with his best...

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Sep 24

Film Rights for Exit Zero Acquired by WME


William Morris Endeavor Inks Agreement with Permuted Press for Film Rights to Novel Exit Zero

William Morris Endeavor has entered into an...

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Author Interviews
Sep 16

An Interview with Jennifer Brozek

Permuted: Hey, Jennifer. Thanks for answering some questions for us, and congratulations on the release of NEVER LET ME SLEEP on October 13th. To begin...

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Guest Blogs
Aug 31

Ancient Mythology Meets Modern Technology

Large caliber weapons and prehistoric monsters have long been two of my favorite subjects. I guess that’s why I love reading (and writing) about them....