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An Interview with Katie Cord, President of Evil Girlfriend Media


Hi, Katie! Thanks for taking some time to answer some questions for us. We’re so excited to support you and Evil Girlfriend Media as you enter into battle to raise funds for your new project, WOMEN IN PRACTICAL ARMOR.

Can you give our readers a bit of background to the WOMEN IN PRACTICAL ARMOR project?
WOMEN IN PRACTICAL ARMOR is a concept developed by Ed Greenwood and Gabrielle Harbowy. They came to me in 2013 to create an anthology that would shift the warrior woman mythology from a bikini-clad vixen and/or a finding-her-own ingénue to a fully seasoned warrior that takes no prisoners.

What sparked this idea?
The discussion has been on going for over a decade as more women become gamers and fantasy readers. Many fans want women characters that make sense to them. Why should fans have to tolerate their heroine’s poor choices in battle and attire because it fits an industry model? We want to help create a new model.

How do you think female authors and characters influence the world of horror and sci-fi?
Women writers are writers. We have consistently seen that people can enjoy the worlds women create without associating femininity or stereotypes to them. Look at Robin Hobb. I didn’t know she was a woman when I read ASSASSIN’S APPRENTICE. The book is smart and fun, but would we as readers have been as excited if it was by Megan Lindholm?
At the same time, focusing on women facing issues and the climate of the world they live in-whether imaginary or real-can give everyone a different viewpoint. For example, writers like Margaret Atwood, Brenda Cooper, Nancy Kress, Kameron Hurley, Jennifer Brozek, or Cat Rambo play with this in their work all the time. Women writers are writers. They can entertain us as well as make us think just like male writers.


What other stereotypes about women fiction would you like to see broken?
One of the things that I focus on as a writer is giving women realistic capabilities for who they are as people, and how they are socialized, into whatever situation they have been placed in. Sometimes, heroes, whether they are male or female, can instead of inspiring us make us feel inadequate and feel worse after reading them. One of the reasons I chose the logo KNOW YOUR WEAPON, KNOW YOUR ENEMY is that I want to inspire people to know who they are and to be able to work with that to achieve whatever it is they want, whether it is slaying an ogre or learning to love after horrible abuse. Both people and characters are unique and neither of us should have to fit an exact mold to feel accepted. Helping change mythology helps change the way all of society sees the world we live in.

The book’s first month of royalties will go to a PTSD charity. What made you decide to give back in this way?
I have suffered from PTSD for many years. I’ve never been to war, but at times I still feel like I’m in my own personal hell. Our editor Gabrielle Harbowy has her own challenges with this and we both want to bring more money to research and treatment. We figured if the Kickstarter covers our cost, why can’t we help others with what we and backers create?

When will the anthology be available, and how can our readers support this cause?
The anthology WOMEN IN PRACTICAL ARMOR edited by Gabrielle Harbowy and Ed Greenwood will be available in April 2016. You can help us now by contributing to the Kickstarter HERE.

Thanks, Katie!