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Oct 23

It's HORROR Week!

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Oct 16

Zombie & Apocalypse Week

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Oct 09


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Aug 13


Cornucopia of Carnage: Gareth Wood

Yes, it's the Zombie Apocalypse, but things have settled down a bit now. There's no reason you should have to just east canned meat and scavenged berries. Here's a recipe that will help remind you of the good times before the hungry bastards got up and decided that you were a better lunch option than a sub sandwich. I got this from the guy who owns the Guns'n'Ammo Store in the Mission Safe Zone. Nice old fellow, I think he was a hippie once, but people change, right?

Shakey's Salmon

Place a chunk of salmon (Atlantic Wild if you can get it, Pacific Wild if not. Pass on Farmed) in a roaster, or some foil, whatever you got. I understand that supplies can be a little sporadic. Season with a half lemon squeezed over the flesh. Pour a little olive oil in there too. Got some wild onions? Great, cut them up and toss them in there as well, same with those mushrooms. The good ones, not the ones Bob ate that made him see things for three days.

Now, I know you want to eat that as soon as possible. I get that, you're hungry. But just be patient and this will be great. Okay?

Around the fish in the roaster, or in another sheet of foil, I want you to put some potatoes, all cut up small. Baby potatoes cut in half are perfect. Grab the sage over there, and pour some in. Not too much. A bit of that salt too. Good. Now a bit more oil, whatever you think is best. No, don't drown it! Now the pepper,just a little. Mix it all up good, just like that. Nice job. Hey, I saw you sneak that chunk of potato! Yes, you!

Open up your oven and fire that inside. You want to bake it all together, make sure that the potatoes are cooked, because if they are the salmon sure is. I figure an hour at 350 degrees. Adjust for your altitude and humidity.

Hey, do you have some veggies? Boil us some up in this metal helmet. Oh, you have a pot? Awesome, we'll eat like kings. Well, I like broccoli, but really, anything green goes with salmon. Smells good already, doesn't it?

Watch your fingers pulling that out. Better wear gloves. Remember, an hour. You want that all cooked, so the salmon flakes when you put a fork to it.

You got all that? Good. I gotta get moving. There's a pharmacy down the road there that I want to hit before dark. Save me some of that salmon, will you? If I ain't back by nightfall, well... good luck, kid.