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Aug 26

Permuted Press Has Your "American Horror Story" Fix

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Aug 25

Movie Nights With Permuted Press

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Aug 20

SCARE for a CURE Return to Zombie Wasteland

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Aug 19

Martinis & Monsters: Vampires

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Nov 30

Patrick Duffy Talks Man From Atlantis

Permuted Press author Patrick Duffy sits down with Huffington Post podcast Nostalgia Theater to discuss his career, memories of filming the science fiction...

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Sep 24

Film Rights for Exit Zero Acquired by WME


William Morris Endeavor Inks Agreement with Permuted Press for Film Rights to Novel Exit Zero

William Morris Endeavor has entered into an...

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May 21

Writing While at War

For some members of the military, serving your country doesn’t end when you retire from active duty.  Meet a few members of the military, active...

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Dec 01

5 Great Zombie Movies You (probably) Haven’t Seen

As you may have noticed, there are a lot of zombie movies out there. A lot.  Most of them are, to be kind, less than classic in their plot, acting, or...

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Nov 14

New York Times bestselling author, ...

Richard Knaak’s Chicago based urban fantasy trilogy, City of Shadows, will be released in 2015 on Permuted Press. Knaak is a New York Times and USA Today...

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Sep 30

Zombies Versus... Flesh-Eating Beetles

Zombies Versus...Flesh-Eating Beetles
By David Dunwoody

A zombie (for the purposes of this column) is a corpse and, while ambulatory, is vulnerable to the...

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Sep 23

"The Gamers' Guide to Permuted Press" — Edition 3

It's time for another installment of the "Gamers' Guide to Permuted Press!

Here at Permuted Press, we love all things apocalyptic! As a company that has...

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Sep 17

Zombies Versus... Directed Energy Weapons

Zombies Versus…Directed Energy Weapons
by David Dunwoody

In this edition of ZV we’re going to look at some modern weapons technology which, at first, I...

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Sep 15

Movie Nights With Permuted Press

It is time for another edition of "Movie Nights With Permuted Press", our original column that pairs this year's most anticipated and highly recommended...

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Sep 03

Monsters & Martinis: Zombies

We're even closer to Halloween! Can you feel it? Or, rather, were you simply reminded by all of the awesome decorations that have begun to fill the aisles in...