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Dave Lund
Jul 20

The First Modern Zombie Slayer

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Neil Cohen
Jul 19

The Father of Nightmares

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J. Rudolph
Jul 18

Godspeed, Mr. Romero

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C.L. Hernandez
Jul 17

That's Not REAL Magic!

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Guest Blogs
Jan 23

A Risk We Have to Take: Space Mining

For as long as we can collectively remember, we've looked to the stars, and until we could touch them, it was an endeavor of awe, imagination, and...

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Guest Blogs
Jan 09

Die Hard

Several weeks ago, I was originally asked to write a guest-blog for Permuted Press to coincide with the upcoming release of my second novel, One Man’s...

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Guest Blogs
Dec 15

Sherlock Holmes and the Walking Dead

The hooves of the horses clomped on the wet cobblestone. The wheels of our carriage rumbled softly through puddles that accumulated from the chilly drizzle....

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Guest Blogs
Dec 15

Chuckles, Breasts, and Rotten Flesh

What is it about horror?

Do people love it because it’s a statement about where modern-day society is headed? Is it an expression of our innermost...

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Guest Blogs
Dec 09

Why do we enjoy the Apocalypse?

Why do we enjoy the Apocalypse?

The apocalypse is everywhere. From books turned into movies like The Hunger Games to television shows like AMC’s...

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Guest Blogs
Dec 01

Surviving a blizzard off the grid

            With the recent early snow that hit the Midwest and especially Buffalo NY, I was reminded of a blizzard that hit...
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Guest Blogs
Oct 28

The Importance of Being Inventive in a Post-Apo...

If you’ve read my Contagium Series, you know the main character, Orissa Penwell is a skilled and expertly trained marksman. Throughout the series you learn...

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Guest Blogs
Oct 24

An Interview With Author Brian Parker

To begin, please introduce yourself to our audience. What is your name? Who are you? What books have you written? Etc,.

- Brian Parker, I’m an Active Duty...

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Guest Blogs
Aug 21

Strong Young Women at the End of the World

Strong Young Women at the End of the World
by Jason Bovberg

A few years ago, I picked up Alden Bell’s The Reapers Are the Angels, and it changed the way I...

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Guest Blogs
Aug 06

Zombies Versus...

Zombies Versus...
By David Dunwoody

For the purpose of this series – in which the zombie threat will be weighed against technologies, creatures and people...