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Dave Lund
Jul 20

The First Modern Zombie Slayer

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Neil Cohen
Jul 19

The Father of Nightmares

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J. Rudolph
Jul 18

Godspeed, Mr. Romero

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C.L. Hernandez
Jul 17

That's Not REAL Magic!

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Guest Blogs
Aug 31

Ancient Mythology Meets Modern Technology

Large caliber weapons and prehistoric monsters have long been two of my favorite subjects. I guess that’s why I love reading (and writing) about them....

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Guest Blogs
Jul 29

Seeds in the Dark

When you write horror or any kind of dark speculative fiction, you can’t just “write what you know,” can you? What you know is the eye...

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Guest Blogs
Jun 08

5 Reasons Drunks Always Survive Horror Stories

I’m what you call a booze enthusiast. Aside from writing, drinking is one of the few things at which I’m marginally talented.

(Know the rules:...

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Guest Blogs
May 13

Remote Viewing & Men Who Stare at Goats

Have you heard of Remote Viewing? If you have, you probably read the book or watched the movie Men Who Stare at Goats. But more than likely you...

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Guest Blogs
Apr 13

The Horror Movie Remake Movement

The last decade or so has seen a whole slew of horror movie remakes.  Some that enraged lovers of the originals and some that made their marks on a new...

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Guest Blogs
Apr 06

Why Werewolves?

My novel, Autumn Moon, is about a pack of werewolves that control a small town in Montana. Things have run smoothly for over a century, until an idealistic...

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Guest Blogs
Mar 19

The Thing: An Allegorical Argument

Like every horror writer, I'm a fan of horror movies. I saw movies like Creepshow and The Howling when I was five years old....

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Guest Blogs
Mar 02


You know who I'm talking about. 

    Close your eyes and you can picture them, the freaks. Their strange beliefs, their weird customs...

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Guest Blogs
Feb 11

Zombies and terrorists

If I told you a horde of zombies over a thousand strong and growing in numbers had marched through a village in Africa killing everyone they encountered,...

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Guest Blogs
Jan 28

Why We Love Scary Stories

...and lions and tigers and bears, oh my! We may as well toss vampires, dragons, werewolves, demons, chimera, zombies, and shape-shifters in the mix too. Why...