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Mark Tufo
Nov 05

Indian Hill Book Trailer

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Dan Henk
Aug 07

Down Highways in the Dark...By Demons Driven

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Dan Henk
Apr 22

The Black Seas of Infinity Book Trailer

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Jul 15

Book Trailer for Craig DiLouie's SUFFER THE CHILDREN

Book Trailer: RAFEN by Y.K. Willemse

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RAFEN by Y.K. Willemse

When Rafen was four, the Tarhians branded him with three little numbers: 237. King Talmon of Tarhia forced Rafen to work in the coal mine with his other slaves. Yet at twelve, Rafen is desperate to escape and find the phoenix feather he has dreamed about for so long. However, even if he does leave Tarhia, will he ever know true freedom? For Rafen’s name links him to a legendary figure in ancient prophecies, and the sorcerer Lashki Mirah means to kill him for it.

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