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Nov 30

Patrick Duffy Talks Man From Atlantis

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Oct 13

Her Universe Press is Unveiled

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Neil Cohen
Sep 24

Film Rights for Exit Zero Acquired by WME

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Aug 17


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May 21

Writing While at War


Are you ready for some SHARK WEEK? We are in the home stretch. Just a week and half until Discovery Channel's globally anticipated celebration of the ocean's finest predator, the shark. Like millions of you, we couldn't help but tune in to the epically humorous film SHARKNADO 2 last night on the SyFy Channel. I mean, with lines like, "Sharks are now coming down at an alarming rate!", how can you not be captivated? If you haven't wandered over to SyFy's SHARK WEEK designated blog, you should definitely check it out.

It's incredible the number of celebrities and shows tweeting and posting selfies of themselves with sharks (real and fake...mostly fake). Here at Permuted Press we're also sharing in the frenzied tidal wave. However... There are still several days until the official start to SHARK WEEK. So, to help you get through this very trying time, we do have a few new titles we would suggest to supplement your shark addiction.

GREAT BITTEN by Warren Fielding
The UK is crumbling in the wake of a destructive infection, and Warren is going to be a hero whether is likes it or not. He thinks he knows how to keep everyone safe; as time goes on, it becomes clear that, going from mistake to mistake, Warren isn’t even that good at keeping himself safe from harm. Can Warren learn his lessons and stop those that want him and his family dead, before it is too late? Click here for more information.

BIG ASS SHARK by Briar Lee Mitchell
Millions of years ago, the deadly Megalodon shark, 3 times larger than our modern Great White Shark, roamed our seas, killing everything and anything in its path. Convinced it was extinct, scientists agreed the seas were safe from such a massive predator, until one surfaced off the coast of California, and our safety in or on the water was no long such a sure thing.Click here for more information

DEEP BLACK SEA by David Salkin
A crew of seven aboard a specially designed research submarine sit three miles down in the dark world beneath the sea. When they bring aboard the bacteria that enables certain animals to survive in the seven-hundred degree poisonous water of the black smoker, they have no idea that one of the researchers plans on using them as his test subjects. the circus from within. Click here for more information.

And, just in case you have no idea what we are talking about when we mention SHARKNADO...