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An Interview With Permuted Press Author Alessia Giacomi

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To begin, please introduce yourself to our audience. What is your name? Who are you? What books have you written?

Hi I’m Alessia Giacomi, A.Giacomi to my readers, and affectionately known as The Poetic Zombie. Why? Well the answer is simple, I have a slight obsession with zombie culture and I’m a weaver of words…so there you have it. My first journey into authordom will be with my Eve Brenner: Zombie Girl Series. She’s not your typical zombie, but I think that’s why you’re going to love her.

What first inspired you to become a writer? And what compels you to continue your career as an author?

I was first inspired to become an author by my teachers in High School. They noticed something I really didn’t see at first. It took me many years after that to actually pen this series. The idea was born in my teen years, but I just didn’t have the experience or confidence available to me that I needed to succeed as a writer. It wasn’t until I had graduated University and started working as a teacher that I really felt inspired to write. I had more time to read books I truly enjoyed, instead of textbooks, and every book I read left me hungry to create my own. I continue to find inspiration from other writers as well as artists from many mediums. I believe art inspires art.

What is the first book you read that made you fall in love with literature?

This is a hard question since I’ve fallen in love with many books over the years. I suppose my love for reading started early on and it was tied to my love for magical and mystical worlds. I recall it starting in Kindergarten, I still remember the book Alexandra and the Vanishing Unicorns. I thought “How sad that the unicorns were disappearing simply because people refused to believe in them.” From that day forward I ate books up thinking that if I could read them all I could keep their memory alive and save the characters from oblivion. Silly but sweet notion. Next came R.L. Stine, famous for the Goosbumps series, I couldn’t get enough of them and anything else he wrote. I think this is when my reading truly turned to thrillers and horror. I couldn’t get enough of that heart racing sort of writing. I wanted the kind of books that wouldn’t let you sleep at night from that point on.

What do you think is the most difficult part of being a writer? What is the most rewarding part?

For me I think the hardest part is hearing what people think of your work. It’s a terrifying thought that you would create something so beautifully personal, your book baby if you will, only to put it out there for judgment. Yet that’s how it works, you must put it out there, just as you do yourself, and like anything else some will love it and some will not. The most rewarding part is when you find people who love it, people with common minds, interests, sense of humour, etc. Finding an audience is like finding your book a soul mate.

What is your most recent work? What can audiences expect from this book or series?

I am currently writing the Eve Brenner Quadrilogy. It will be released sometime next year. I think the audience will enjoy the series and its ability to be real even though it’s a work of fiction. I can promise that it will fresh take on the zombie phenomenon, something you have not seen before. The story will be told from a thrilling tri-perspective. This trinity in storytelling gives the story a whole new breath of life.

What do you think are the most common misconceptions about writers?

I would say that we’re crazy, but that’s most likely true. I think a little madness is a prerequisite for creation. I guess one of the biggest misconceptions and I hear it quite a bit is that writers are lazy, yikes, harsh I know! Writing is not an easy task, and inspiration does not arrive at your doorstep on a daily basis. Most writers have more on their plate than just writing and even those who solely write surely find days where the words do not come. Inspiration is a fickle thing, and it just doesn’t make sense to write unless it flows from you like it was born to arrive on the page.

Why did you decide to join Permuted Press?

I remember first submitting my query to Permuted Press thinking it was a long shot. I knew I loved them from the start. I mean zombies, zombies everywhere! It was like my paradise, the home I had been looking for. When I received word that they were interested in my series I think I fainted because I don’t remember much after that. I was so excited and shocked at the same time. For me it was a very easy yes, and it’s been easy since I signed on! What a wonderful bunch of people to work with, everyone gets along famously!

What are your dreams for the future as a writer?

I think every writer dreams about being the next J.K Rowling, Anne Rice, Charlaine Harris, Stephen King, Dean Koontz, etc. I mean I would love that sort of status, but I would be more than happy to just be able to keep writing and have someone believe in me enough to keep helping me put it out there. I never knew this would be possible for me, and even though I’ve only just begun this journey I’m simply excited to have you meet the characters I create, they’re like family to me, I treasure them and hope readers will too!

Is there anything else that you would like for people to know about yourself and your work?

I guess first and foremost I want people to know that I’m nice, I think people wonder about horror writers ha ha. I’m super nice, no fangs, no claws, just a human being who loves to chat about her many fandoms. I love my comic books, and superheroes, I love mostly horror films, but I watch everything, I’m a pop culture junkie, music is my religion, I paint, I draw, I’m a mother, a wife, a nerd. Not sure there’s much else to know about me.

As for my work, it’s horror, but I like to genre bend too, so my work always has moments of light along with the dark. I’m a Sam Raimi fan after all and if you know his work then you’ll most likely get my sense of humour and love for great one-liners!

Do you have any events coming up such as conventions or book signings?

I won’t have any such events until my first novel comes out next year, but I will always post updates on my blog or Facebook page as they pop up.

Where can people find more information about you?

You can find me blabbing away about my favourite things on my blog:
On Facebook:
Or on Twitter:
I really like to interact so I hope you’ll all visit me there! ;)