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Nov 30

Patrick Duffy Talks Man From Atlantis

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Oct 13

Her Universe Press is Unveiled

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Neil Cohen
Sep 24

Film Rights for Exit Zero Acquired by WME

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Aug 17


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May 21

Writing While at War

A Day in the Life of a Zombie Author

One of our fabulous Permuted Press authors, Alessia Giacomi, has written a highly entertaining guest post for the Zombie Guide about her daily routine as a writer.

Some of you may know me from twitter, some of you may know me from my blog, and if you know me at all you’ll know that I’m a zombie junkie affectionately known as The Poetic Zombie. I can’t get enough of my undead friends, whether it be books, film, memes, costumes, collectibles or comics, I need my zombie fix or I simply don’t function. Zombies are like my morning coffee break, a quick glance and I’m inspired! Why you ask? Well it’s because I’m a zombie author! I thought I would take you through a day in my busy world of swirling words sprinkled with an unhealthy obsession with the undead...

CLICK HERE to read the rest of this article on the Zombie Guide.

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