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Nov 04

Permuted Press Acquires THE SPAWN from WGA Award Winning Screenwriter, Ken Nolan

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Aug 12

Permuted Press Announces Acquisition of the New Work from New York Times Best Selling Author, Jay Bonansinga

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Dec 09

Permuted Press Announces New Acquisitions during the Month of November, 2013

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Nov 02

New Acquisitions for the Month of October at Permuted Press

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Oct 07

Permuted Press Acquires New Story Set in J.L. Bourne's Day By Day Armageddon Series

2013 Closes With Over 50 New Acquisitions at Permuted Press in December.

December was the most brisk month yet for new acquisitions at Permuted Press. In the final 31 days of 2013, Permuted Press acquired 53 fantastic new works to bring to our readers.

Al Halsey: Hellgate Montana, Retributor, Salt Lake City: When Retributor Jeremiah Brandt rode to the Hellgate Valley in the Montana Territory, he was ready to hunt down every vampire, rouge magic user, and child stealing werewolf in the territory. He’d left Yuma to forget his past. Unfortunately, his past was finding him fast. Missoula may be a picturesque little community, but it has always had a bloody history from the beginning of time. Little did Jeremiah know that the whole area was a massive magnet for the paranormal. The local Vampire Coven, Warlocks guild, and even the local sheriff have no respect for a bounty hunter with papers signed by President Andrew Jackson himself. Since riding into to town he has been chomped on by dead things, shot at by live folks, and had his dinner interrupted. Add a family of serial killers, masonic hit men, a tightwad inn keeper, a couple of demons , dirty law men and an bar maid on his trail…. What is a poor Baptist bounty hunter to do?

Breanna Bright: In The End: There's something wrong with the house on Drunk Horse road. It all started with Thursday's death, and now, as he hangs in the limbo of the afterlife, with only Death to talk to, he's beginning to think that his girlfriend, Alice, is in very real danger. Back at the house, Alice is being haunted; disappearing doors, mysterious footprints, and a watching shadow are all proof of this, but is it just a ghost, or something so much more terrifying, that even Death itself will have to intervene? With time running short, Thursday knows he must get back to the living world to save Alice, but doing so could cause the end of the world, and Thursday will have to decide what to sacrifice for love, and death.

Brenton Cox: Atrum Terra: Dark Lands, Dark Divide, Dark End: What will it be like when the world really ends? Do you think that your Doomsday television shows and your Survival internet forums have prepared you for what is really coming? Do you think you will be able to keep your sanity with no cellular phone, no automobile, and no electricity? Will you be able to steal to stay warm, eat the family pet so you do not starve, or kill another human being to stay alive? You do not really want the world to end, not like this. The Atrum Terra series tells the story of two people from different sides of the nation that struggle to survive after a devastating attack breaks the back of the United States. It is a journey in which the whole world is sent spiraling towards a dark future where humans are an endangered species.

Christian Smith: The Black Monkey: Can you fight evil with evil? Is it worth the price you have to pay? Every Halloween, the children of Bakersfield, Illinois, gather in a cornfield to bury a stuffed monkey with sacrificial offerings of trick-or-treat candy. The strange rite is mostly an excuse for partying and making out, the origins of the curious tradition long forgotten. The same night ten-year-old Jess Tate and his best friend Mark Davies first witness the mysterious ritual, Jess’s older sister Paula is brutally murdered. Paula is only the first victim of a serial killer stalking the children of Bakersfield. As the “Snowman” eludes capture and his death toll mounts, hysteria grips the small rural community. Jess, an uncommonly brave and resourceful boy, believes the monkey ritual is the key to stopping the murders that have torn apart his family and his town. With his more timid and reluctant friend Mark along for the ride, Jess uncovers the secrets of the century-old tradition. But the black magic of the monkey might be more evil than the killer he has called it up to stop.

David M. Salkin: Deep Black Sea: A deep-sea research vessel sits three miles below the surface of the ocean on a "Black Smoker". Their mission is to study a part of the planet that few have ever seen. In the sunless world of the deep ocean, where the water remains at thirty-four degrees, thermal vents blast superheated water that is full of toxins and heavy metals, and contains almost no oxygen. It should be void of life, and yet, it is teeming with it. The answer to the puzzle lies in the bacteria that lives in these deep water sea creatures. When the bacteria is brought aboard the vessel for research, one of the crew intentionally infects his shipmates for his own type of research. His little experiement quickly gets out of control, and a fight for survival begins three miles below the ocean surface.

Deborah D. Moore: The Journal, Moose Creek: Deborah has been a Prepper most of her adult life, always trying to be prepared to ride out a bad snow storm that often hits the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and the remote community she has called home for the past twenty years. All of what she knows, has learned and has stocked up on, comes to the final test when a national disaster hits and her quiet little town is without power, without law and without help, completely isolated during the middle of a brutal winter.

Derek Goodman: The Contamination of Sandra Wolfe, The Siege of Seven City: Installments 2 and 3 of Derek’s “Z7” Edward Schuett series will be forthcoming in 2014 and 2015.

Derek Goodman: Automaton: In the near future, Dr. Sydney Betancourt is ready to finally announce her greatest achievement- she has reached the Singularity and created Amber, the first robot indistinguishable from humans. It should be her moment of triumph, but everything is about to go wrong. In the far future, a lone automaton is about to make a discovery that will change the society it lives in- there is still a living human, the first one seen in three hundred years. These two stories are told in tandem, each one affected by the other in surprising ways and leading up to a secret that has been kept since the day humanity went extinct.

Derek Goodman: The Imaginary Five: The world has moved on. America is nothing but a dusty wasteland without hope. Esther has been wandering the ruins trying to help and protect the survivors of this world, but no one knows her secret. She is far older than anyone realizes, and she is not human. Her past is about to catch up with her, though. Nick, a man who once swore to kill her but holds a secret very much like hers, needs her help. People are disappearing. Strange blob-like creatures and robed figures are attacking settlements. Only people with their unique talents can find out what is going on, but they can't do it alone. Now they have to find the last remaining legendary creatures like themselves: a woman who under the right circumstances looks strangely like a rabbit, a rotund man with a penchant for giving gifts, a thin, cold man with the ability to control the wind, a gentle giant who can travel through the shadows under the bed, and a highly unstable woman with a disturbing fondness for teeth. But even people with their talents may not be enough to go against the creature that may be rising in the east... ...a creature referred to only as Cthulhu.

Derek Goodman: Blood Fruit, Blood Garden: Two new vampire novels with a “refreshing twist.”

Gabrielle Faust: Eternal Vigilance: From Deep Within The Earth, The Death of Illusions, Bound in Blood, Meditations on Darkness, Through Another’s Eyes, Specter of the Third Mind: Eternal Vigilance sweeps the audience away with the darkly poetic, ancient voice of Tynan Llewelyn into a gritty and violent future where humans and vampires are forced to work hand-in-hand to save the world from annihilation, where technology has evolved far beyond the control of its creators and the barriers that separate the mortal realm from the world of the gods has begun to crumble. This ground breaking trilogy will ensnare your heart and soul, leaving you breathless and quietly pondering our universal fate, once the sun has gone down…

Grant Foxon: Atomic Safari, The Gore Lounge: He has no name anymore; he is merely referred to as ‘the objective’. In a world where escape is impossible and non-conformity means show trials and death, the establishment seek to engineer a civil war which they have termed ‘the war on thought’ to crush once and for all any independent thought. The establishment know they are safe with their constant surveillance of the population and their own nuclear arsenal. The objective has broken free from their control and with the help of the only other independent citizen in this strange land called ‘new zone’ seek to escape; but the establishment cannot allow dissention. Their actions may bring about a nuclear holocaust and time is running out. As determined as the objective is too break free form this artificial hell, the mysterious and enigmatic ruler of this domain known simply as ‘the leader’ is as determined to keep him here and break his mind till he conforms. The two men will battle each other as the world around them unravels and the death of humanity is a very real and terrifying prospect…

Jeremiah Israel: Flying Zombies 1, 2, 3: The Flying Zombies trilogy is a dark horror comedy about movies, pop music and flying alien parasites that turn humans into their hosts and eventually discard them as zombies. Dennis March is a movie director in Hollywood, California who becomes partially infected by alien DNA amidst a zombie apocalypse. Losing his mind with his body’s physical and mental changes, he takes it upon himself and his group to film the movie he believes will save his career and salvage his reputation. It’s not until the alien spaceship lands and he figures out who truly is to blame for the zombie invasion that March must decide whether to defeat his enemies or to join them in their goal of consuming the souls of all mankind.

Jonathan Ondrashek: The Human Undead War: Dark Intentions, Patriarch, A Kingdom's Fall: In 2041, vampires are discovered and humanity is thrust into a blood-soaked battle for supremacy. Seven years later, the Human-Undead War rages on. Brian Koltz, the lead scientist and negotiator for the Undead Relations Committee, conducts futile parleys between the warring factions. He believes he holds the solution to successful cohabitation: the Platelet Mushroom, an accidental creation which temporarily produced human blood. However, he is unable to recreate the Platelet due to its mysterious origin and human government disapproval. Brian is abducted after one of the negotiation meetings. His kidnapper, the tyrannical Undead Patriarch, Barnaby, offers to fund and condone the Platelet experiment, which involves using a human body as its engine. He also offers Brian the ultimate Undead gift of immortality. Brian joins the Undead ranks to pursue his worldview without the baggage of mortality. While struggling with his new powers, he befriends Barnaby and believes their budding friendship may be the catalyst to peaceful coexistence. But as Barnaby’s dark secrets are exposed, Brian must find it in himself to forsake peace and undo Barnaby’s sinister plot before the world is plunged into darkness forever.

Mark E. Rogers: The Dead 2: Mark extends his 1989 release, The Dead, with its all new sequel, The Dead 2.

Michael Bray: From The Deep, Return Of The Deep, Spawn Of The Deep: This series seeks to recapture the thrill of the old monster stories of the 50’s and 60’s with monstrous horror on the sea.

Mikhail Lerma: Z-Plan: Blood on the Sand, Red Tides, Homecoming: Inspired by the author’s experiences as a U.S. Army Soldier in Iraq, The Z-Plan series delves into the idea of not just surviving a zombie apocalypse but making the seemingly impossible trek home and what life would look like thereafter.

Paul Mannering: Tankbread 3: Paul Mannering’s addictive Trankbread franchise is being extended by a third novel for release in late 2014 or early 2015.

Sean Liebling: Blood, Brains and Bullets 1, 2 and 3: Sean’s successful franchise Blood, Brains and Bullets has come to Permuted Press with new editions for books one and two, and the story continues on with the new book, Blood Brains and Bullets 3.

Sean Liebling: The Reaper 2: Avenging Wrath: Topping the Permuted Press best seller list the month of its arrival, The Reaper 1: No Mercy has gained new fans as a spin-off of Sean Liebling’s successful Blood, Brains and Bullets series. The Reaper’s 2nd book follows the sharpshooter on his continued mission to destroy the undead.

Sylvia Acker: The Skylar Connors Chronicles: Bloodlines, Dog Days, Godbane, War Hound, Raven Song: Connors is a self-proclaimed Big Bad Wolf, otherwise known as a werewolf to his own and to the errant unlucky drug dealer. In this city he’s far from unique. Witches, fae, and monsters alike live alongside an oblivious human population, and that’s just the way they like it. They are the monsters of fairytale and folklore, monsters that are being systematically hunted down and murdered by a nefarious necromancer to fuel the end of the world. Connors becomes entangled in the mess when he’s hired to look into the strange murders. Looking into the job turns sour when Viv, his oldest friend and witchy landlady, falls to what appears to be the same darkness. With her life and possibly the world in the balance Connors, his fae allies and a tag-a-long human detective go deep, literally, confronting legendary monsters and a goddess or two in the process.

Warren Fielding: Great Bitten: Outbreak, Survival, Revival, Eradication, Seven Deadly Sins: The UK is infected and Warren is going to be a hero, whether he likes it or not. Life used to be simple; a journalist addicted to his work, Warren's world has been a simple process of annoying friends, shunning family, and doing only what Warren wants. As a virulent plague of unknown origin spreads rapidly across the UK, all of that is about to change. The only person Warren doesn't question is himself as his natural curiosity and world-weary cynicism come to the fore in his clumsy attempts at survival. With the UK in chaos and the government in hiding, will Warren even be able to survive long enough to start finding the answers to the questions eating away inside him? And when he finally realises that there are people in this blighted world that he actually loves, will he be able to do what needs to be done to keep them safe before it is too late?

Watch this space for more announcements of great new forthcoming books each month from Permuted Press!