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The Night Plague devastated humanity. Vancouver Island is a feudal wasteland ruled by the Hell's Angels. In a trailer by the forest, retired school teacher Cory O'Neal composes a history of the plague. But the more he writes, the more his history resembles a confession.
Beautiful, haunted Joanna Ward was the most brilliant and gifted student of Cory's career. During a troubled year in a dysfunctional private school, they forged a bond that led to accusations of improper conduct...

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The zombie apocalypse begins the same night your girlfriend skips     town with the $5,000 you owe your drug dealer.
Fortunately, you know a place you and your best (and only) friend Frankenstein can hide out – a marijuana grow-op in the
hinterlands of BC presided over by a psychopathic evangelist who believes she is the Angel of Death. Take a toke and
relax. Everything’s going to work out fine ...


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