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Haunted by her lost years, Caroline desperately wants to find justice and move forward with her life. But when Jim Naughton, her spiritual guide from the past, makes contact with her mind, she learns that the nefarious Dr. Sen is still pursuing her. 

Caroline takes refuge with Jim and his new friend, the enigmatic and powerful mystic Luc Redd. Vowing to stop Dr. Sen and his people, together they explore the mystery and power of a metaphysical...

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A secret government group has been kidnapping people with extra sensory abilities. Was Caroline Hauser one of their victims?
1995. Caroline Hauser is an aspiring writer and recent college graduate who moves to New York City's Lower East Side. Caroline’s latent psychic abilities are unleashed as she senses a malevolent presence nearby. Then she disappears.
2005. Caroline’s computer hacker brother, Alexander, discovers that a secret government group has been kidnapping people...